Terms of Service

When using our services, it is assumed that you automatically agree to our terms of service.

  1. We have rights to delete your server anytime if we suspect that your server is breaking our ToS. If our staff thinks your server or account is breaking our ToS or even damaging our system, then we have rights to delete your account and server.
  2. We do not offer any kind of refund. When you purchase any of our plan, we cannot give you money back.
  3. No bitcoin miners or any software that can damage our system. Bitcoin miners or any other software can damage our system and if we detect this, you will be blacklisted.
  4. No exploits. You have no rights to use any exploit. Any exploit will make your servers deleted.
  5. Login once every 3 days to keep servers online. Description for this; you must login once every 3 days to our website: https://optiklink.com/auth to keep your servers always online, otherwise in 7 days our system will delete your servers completely. If you didn't logged for more than 3 days, your servers will be always offline because we have added an system that will constantly check your activity. To stop this; simply login to our dashboard: https://optiklink.com/auth (important; if you login to game panel it won't help because you need to login to dashboard!)
  6. We have rights to change terms of service and privacy policy anytime. We can change terms of services or privacy policy at any time without informing the client.
  7. No Multi-accounts or Alts. Any multi accounts will bring all your created accounts and servers deleted.
  8. You have no rights to resell our services. Any reselling of our services will get you blacklisted from our services.
  9. We do not allow using VPN or Proxy. We do not allow using VPN or any kind of proxy while using our services.